A mix of doberman and great dane

Doberman Pinscher and Great Dane mix puppies are a designer breed called Doberdanes.. The mixed hybrid dog holds a huge stature, like it’s Great Dane parent. The large size helps a Doberdane to become an excellent watchdog. Additionally, Doberdanes are extremely sharp, alert, vigorous, and loyal canines. The dogs are perfect for outdoor activities. For instance, consider hiking with a Doberdane.
male: 100-140 lbs: female 95-140 lbs
male: 30-35 inches: female: 28-30 inches
9-10 years

Few designer breeds are more loyal, noble, and courageous than the Doberdane. A quick look at the parent breeds will tell you everything you need to know. Doberdanes are a cross between the gentle giant Great Dane and the brilliant Doberman Pinscher.


Doberdanes are some of the smartest dogs you’ll come across. Both parents are incredibly sharp, so it’s to be expected with Doberdanes as well. They’re also rather even-tempered dogs that aren’t prone to large spikes in emotion or energy. That said, they can look pretty scary. Expect people to be intimidated when they see your dog, even though you know they’re a loving teddy bear at heart!

Care and exercise

Great Danes aren’t particularly active dogs, so they’re some of the easiest big dogs to own, simply because they don’t require as much maintenance. But Doberman Pinschers are the opposite. Because of this, Doberdanes have substantial exercise requirements.
You’ll need to block off more than an hour each day to spend exercising your Doberdane. It’s best to split this into three shorter sessions, rather than a single session of 75 minutes. But 75 minutes of exercise is about what you’ll need to provide your Doberdane with daily.


Weighing as much as 140 pounds, Doberdanes are pretty sizable canines. As you might expect of a dog this size, they eat quite a substantial amount of food. These dogs are also very active. Expect to feed your Doberdane four cups of food or more each day.


Doberdanes bear short coats as broached earlier in turn the grooming of a Doberdane becomes undemanding. The dogs are easy to maintain overall. Given the dog’s smooth, straight and thin evenly spread hair on its coat, a Doberane requires minimal brushing and bathing.


Great Danes and Doberman Pinschers are both known as incredibly smart dogs that are easy to train. That’s part of why they’re used for a multitude of different jobs, including therapy. Doberdanes didn’t fall far from the family tree either. They’re highly-intelligent animals who can be trained to perform complex tasks. Like the parent breeds, Doberdanes make excellent, empathic therapy dogs.

Children friendly

These dogs are excellent for families. They’re naturally reserved with strangers, which makes them great guard dogs.

Hate to be alone

For the most part, Doberdanes are great with other pets. They don’t have a strong prey drive, so they’re safe to keep around most pets. However, as with small children, these dogs can be a danger to very small pets simply because of their large size.

Excellent housekeeper

Doberdanes make excellent watchdogs and will alert their people to approaching strangers, but it’s not their style to bark without cause.

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