So I may still be disabled, but I'm able to breed dogs to produce good genetics, confirmation, beauty, and temperament. My life's purpose is back on track. I have a dream job caring for all of my fur babies throughout the day-and-night. I mean who doesn't like puppy breath, kisses, cuddles, and so much more!  I may not have the dream job I thought of, but in the end God had the ultimate dream job already planned for me. Puppies, puppies galore! 

About Us

My story starts as a little kid, maybe 2 or 3, walking with my grandfather hand-in-hand down the trail to his barn. I couldn't be more excited to see the animals. As far back as I can remember I've had an extreme obsession with animals and wanting to be a veterinarian. 

 I was more than your average animal lover. I have always felt I could relate to them and understand them easier than any person. Communicating with people is difficult, where animals make sense.

Young love derailed me from becoming a veterinarian, and instead went to school for human medicine. I first became an emergency medical technician, then started my path towards a nurse anesthetist. I was derailed once again when my grandfather died while I was in nursing school. I found myself lost, unable to concentrate, and studying in a field I cared
nothing about. I Immediately took a position at my first veterinary hospital.
That would lead me to my life long career as a veterinary technician, so I thought.

It's a passion!

Fast forward many years later I was a single mom of a beautiful daughter, and  I became extremely ill with CNS lupus when it about took my life. I became 100% disabled. I could no longer work, ride horses, take care of my animals, my daughter or myself. The doctor’s losing hope, and me looking at a life of disability, things started to look up. I gradually gained my independence with the help of my doctors and God.

I got my 1st dream dog, my Doberman, Quintessa. I have
always been obsessed with their muscular, sleek appearance and stature. She had it all; confirmation, bloodline, and temperament. I now had my first dam. I spent the next year researching breeding, going to dog shows, and talking to breeders.

Along the way I found another dream dog, my Great Dane, Harleigh. A beautiful blue eye fawnequin. Her sweet disposition and beauty I found irresistible. She became my second dam. 

My love for the 2 breeds lead me on my research of doberdanes. The sleek appearance of a doberman with the stature of a Great Dane. The mixed dispositions that could have the potential of making the ultimate dog. 

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