Doberdane puppies

Born April 3, 2021
Black - Male
Take Home Date: May 29, 2021

The best part about all of this is that Doberdanes get the best traits from both parents. This means that your Doberdane is likely to be a gigantic, gentle, friendly, protective, noble companion who will protect you at all cost and love you like no other.

Doberdanes are some of the smartest dogs you’ll come across. Both parents are incredibly sharp, so it’s to be expected with Doberdanes as well. They’re also rather even-tempered dogs that aren’t prone to large spikes in emotion or energy. That said, they can look pretty big and large. Expect people to be intimidated when they see your dog, even though you know they’re a loving teddy bear at heart!

Parents / Pedigree
Harleigh - European Great Dane
Oliver - Doberman Pinscher
Family Owned

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